About Us

We care for our customers more than they care for their devices...”

MobileQRegina provides with the highest possible revenue of their mobile devices repairing need with an easy and trustworthy process. We provide all the repairing services like water damage, screen damage, battery replacement. You can contact us to buy the mobile accessories like mobile phone cover, screen protector, handsets on very reasonable prices.

Who we are?

Our company cares for people and their tech devices. This is the reason out customers comes before anything else. Our aim to fix you smart phone screen, the smart phones that will not start, and some other faults. For the ease of customers and corporate clients, MobileQRegina has finally launched the most convenient and trustworthy repairing and maintenance solutions in Regina as MobileQRegina Repairers. We possess professional expertise in Mobile Phone Hardware and Software Repairing solutions, Reverse Engineering, Tablet PCs and Mobile Gadget Repair Services. Visit us to learn more!